What is Vape?

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What is Vape?

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What is Vape is perhaps the most frequently questioned question we ask everyday. The question is often asked with questions like:
- Vape is harmful?
- Does it contain herbs?
- Is Vape safer than cigarettes?
The answer is roughly the same as you might imagine, but here is the answer. What is vape definition?

Vape can be defined as the act of inhaling a quantity of water vapor through an individual smoke device.

Vape or electronic cigarettes can be considered as alternative to cigarettes. It is similar to smoking but excludes some harmful effects or effects caused by tobacco such as: bad breath, bad breath, no harm from tobacco leaves, no cigarette butts, less cause The risk of cancer and other related diseases, especially not affect people around.

In a word, vape is the name given to using a vaporizer. This process involves the use of high heat to generate steam from liquid medications (e-liquid). Users of vape, called vapors (also known as smokers if smoked).


Contrary to what many of us think, vaping is "born" about five decades ago (precisely 1960). At the time, vape was not the same as the current version - meaning that vaporizers were not as pocketable as the modern version. It is quite bulky and can only be left on the table.

The inventor of this device is Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist inspired by his father's death from lung cancer. He calls this device Ruyan, roughly translated as "smoke-like" (like smoke).

Ruyan became popular, and gradually dominated the US market in the 2000s, and later, the word "vape" came into being.


The Vaporizer consists of small parts assembled together, including:

Body: A battery-powered device that provides the power to a burner and can be charged via a USB port.

- Burners: It is the place where oil is stored and the task is to receive the source from the body to heat the burner and then evaporate the oil.

- Essential Oils: Also known as e-juice / e-liquid, it is an ingredient for absorption. This is a liquid form made up of water and other ingredients, including nicotine. It may be tasteless or have different taste, now there are hundreds for you to choose. E-liquid contains ingredients such as Vegetable glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), nicotine and flavoring. These components will be converted into steam under the burner's heating.
If you are new to "vape world" then you will be curious with the question: how to vape?

The e-liquid types are classified according to Nicotine / mg levels: mild (3mg), moderate (6mg), strong (12mg). Having the 0mg type means no nicotine for those who just want to vape without using nicotine. Higher levels of Nicotine cause a feeling of throat in the throat, called "throat hit" or "kick" in English. It depends on the person and the Nicotine concentration they want.

Tip: To get started, we recommend starting with the lowest concentration of e-liquid (0mg or 3mg), then gradually increasing to the level of your own nicotine addiction.


To begin with, you should find yourself a basic kit (starter kit), for beginners. These vapors have common characteristics: moderate power, body and burner mount, easy to use and maintain.


It is possible to vape wherever you like (as it is not medicine), but vape is gradually being "codified" in all over the world. Like smoking, you can be restricted or restricted in some places. So be polite to the people around you should ask or abide by the law there (if any).


The endless heated debate is still taking place on whether vape is safe or not. Strictly speaking, the food you eat every day is 100% healthy, right?

However, I can say that: Based on various studies, vaping is related to nicotine, but absolutely no tobacco leaves. It has its own form of smoking nicotine, so there is no adverse effect on the cardiovascular system. It creates steam evaporates quickly so absolutely will not affect the people around by inhaling the smoke.

Suction vape also will not cause unpleasant odors. Vape will still meet your nicotine needs but avoid the negative effects on health, even more cancer.

What else? Vape is not stigmatized by society, does not use fire, does not smoke cigarettes.

If you have tried to quit so many times ... but without success, we can sympathize with each other. But try the smoking habit and instead of vaping, the effect is the same but I guarantee vaping will be better for health. Maybe you are a "newbie" and still do not believe what I said in this article about the benefits vaping bring, okay, you can search for articles or forums related, you will understand more vaping. is like.


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